Hello, my name is Nneka Udeagbala. I am a Software Engineering major at Stevens Institute of Technology going into her senior year. I am pleased to make your acquaintance! Please keep scrolling to learn more about me.

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Welcome to Nneka’s Page!

Welcome to my newest webpage. Here you can find my interests and a little bit about my experiences. I am excited for you to get to know me! Feel free to contact me at

A self-driven Software Engineering student with three years of work and leadership experience. I am interested in the effect of technology in public urban spaces and how technology can be utilized to foster human interaction. This past summer, I conducted research at the University of Florida under Dr. Juan Gilbert on the human perception of altered media and the use of AR/VR for physical therapy.

The emergence of smart city technology and devices intending to be used to solve mental and social problems inspired my direction of research. I would like to study the intent versus the impact of technological advancements in public spaces. As the emergence of smart spaces is a global phenomenon, I would also like to understand the cultural and environmental differences that direct data-driven design.


Research Assistant, Human Experience Research Lab

Gainesville, FL / May 2019 - August 2019

I am currently participating in research at the University of Florida under Dr. Juan Gilbert. I am contributing to a project that aims to use AR/VR to improve the experience of those completing physical therapy. My contribution is computational, I am helping to analyze the data by detecting patterns in the data. While accomplishing this task, I would like to build my skills in R.

The project I am in charge of concerns analyzing DeepFakes. My focus is on understanding the consumer’s perception of fake forms of visual media and identifying the factors that contribute to an individual thinking something that is fake is actually real. I will be creating visual materials to be used in multiple user studies.

GE Aviation, Engineering Intern

Cincinnati, OH / May 2018 - August 2018

This was a great experience because it was my intoduction to data analysis. When I began this internship, 
I was a Computer Engineering major with a goal of working with robotics after graduation. This experience 
showed me I could utilize my skills to create in a realm other than the physical. I could investigate 
multitudes of problems and derive solutions! At the end of this summer, I changed my major to Software 
Engineering. I have had a fun-filled and challenging experience ever since.

Resident Assistant

Stevens Institute of Technology  /  August 2017 – Present

This was an eye-opening experience for me. I began my career as an RA in my sophomore year. 
I expected the social challenges, as I am a bit more introverted than extroverted, but there was 
so much for me to learn. I had an idealistic vision of creating a community where everyone feels 
they have support. Little did I know, making my presense known was the easy part. Deadlines appear 
out of nowhere and weird things just... tend to happen. Not everyone will want to get to know you 
and sometimes you need to prioritize your own health before you can help anyone else. I was able to 
build organization, empathy, observation, focus, and maturity from this role. It has had a profound 
impact on my college experience.

New Jersey Zone Chair

National Society of Black Engineers  /  May 2018 – Present

NSBE Chapter President

Stevens Institute of Technology  /  May 2017 – May 2018

The National Society of Black Engineers is the most impactful aspect of my college career so far. 
I have been in four positions of leadership: Chapter President, New Jersey Zone Chair, 
Business Diversity Chair, and Regional Leadership Conference Planning Chairperson. Each position pushed me 
further outside of my comfort zone. Each task I completed left me with a sense of accomplishment and a 
desire to do it better next time. A core aspect of my identity is mentorship. I want to be able to 
utilize my skills and strengths to uplift others and let them see their strengths. I see so much potential 
in those around me and they push me to be a better, stronger, and wiser person. I hope to help mirror that 
support and push those around me to shine.

Campus Involvement

US Citizen